TUTORIAL Questions 20-25

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20. Pulse hits wall.
22. Wave velocity.
24. Frequency of mass on spring.
25. Thin rope/ thick rope.


Question 20. Consider the pulse moving along the string below. What happens when the pulse hits the wall?

a) It stops
b) It gets absorbed by the wall
c) It goes through the wall
d) It gets reflected right-side-up
e) It gets reflected up-side-down
f) It breaks up into smaller pulses

Fundamentals of Sound reference: Secs. 1-J.


Question 22. A rubber rope is 15 feet long and tied to the wall. It takes a pulse wave 3 seconds to travel down the rope, reflect, and come back to where it started. What is the wave velocity in feet per second (ft/s)?

a) 5 ft/s
b) 10 ft/s
c) 15 ft/s
d) 20 ft/s
e) none of these.

Fundamentals of Sound reference: Secs. 1-C.


Question 24. A mass on a spring bobs down and back up 40 times in 10 seconds. What is its frequency in Hertz?

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Fundamentals of Sound reference: Secs. 1-D.


Question 25. Initially a pulse is moving to the right as shown. If the string on the left is thicker than the string on the right, which of the wave forms would you see at a later time?

Choose one of these (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F)

Fundamentals of Sound reference: Secs. 1-J.

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